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Silvan Poltera – Int. Wintersports Marketing Manager – SCOTT Sports SA

Attracting people with emotional and authentic sports imagery became key in communication. Therefor we are always looking for photographers understanding our needs and having the right passion for what we are looking for. Working with Simon Ricklin is always a pleasure. As a real outdoorsy and passionate mountain guy, he knows exactly how to capture the right moment and emotions. With simple briefings and his huge knowledge about the outdoors, delivery is always outstanding. To sum it up: A photographer with that much passion and skills for what he’s doing you don’t find often. With Simon, you have the guarantee for a simple process and top notch quality in delivery. Thanks for the collaboration.


Matt Coté, associate editor at Forecast Ski Magazine

Simon is a talented and skilled mountain man who has an eye for detail, which he trained during years of work in the  watch-making studio and carries over into the great outdoors. His ability to move safely and thoughtfully through the mountains, to recognize the nuances of light and landscape and how they'll interact with his subjects is extremely precise. But, more than anything, he's speedy and easy to work with, getting the most out of natural scenes and action as it unfolds organically - almost as a documentarian. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a photographer's even there, and then you come home with gold.


Tor Henrik Larsen, Mountain guide Lofoten

I Have been lucky to work with Simon for several occasions. Simon is a humble and funny guy you can rely on. As a mountain guide, you are responsible for taking care of safety and to take wise decisions. It can be challenging to offer spectacular and great nature when you are in exposed and potentially dangerous terrain. With Simon in the team, it has been a true pleasure, because he is calm,has such a good mountain sense and also because he is such a strong and solid mountaineer/skier. I think his ability to move smart and effortless, gives him the advantage to focus on his job as a photographer and capturing lasting memories